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A brief overview of what the card game is, let”s find out with 91club?
It can be seen that card game will be a bit different from many other card games and the deck of cards used lớn play includes 120 cards. The card values will also be slightly different and divided into many categories. The order of card types here will also be arranged in order from largest lớn smallest as follows: Chi -> Nine -> Eight -> Seven -> Luc -> Five -> Four -> Tam -> Two.

Most types of blocking cards will be classified according lớn 3 specific card suits: thousands, vans, and books. However, lưu ý that Chi cards are unique và will not be classified according to any suit. The standard team lớn play this card game requires 4 people. If that is not enough, 2 people can still play.

At first glance, players will feel that the trick to playing block seems different and difficult to remember. That”s true, but once the player is determined lớn experience it, this will not be difficult. As long as you spend some time learning & memorizing the cards, conquering this card game will definitely become easier.

Brief overview of the card game

How lớn play block with terms you should know
As you know, card game is a quite new card game for all audiences. Therefore, in order for the playing process to go more smoothly, players need to clearly understand the terms in the following playing mẹo:

Straight: 2 cards that are the same in both suit và value.
Jack: 2 cards with different suits but the same value.
Lame: the odd junk card is not in the face or face.
Stacks: the remaining cards after being dealt are placed in the middle of the table.
Lead: has the right to draw cards or prioritize playing according lớn the player”s order.
Check: in the player”s hand there are 3 identical pieces, below the table there is một piece similar lớn those 3 pieces, the player has the right to take that piece even if it is drawn or played by someone else.
Eat: If there are cards below that combine with the cards in your hand lớn form a shield, you have the right to eat that card.
Return: when capturing a card, you must put another card in the position you just captured lớn replace it.
Buzz: when drawing 1 card from the pile, combine it with the cards in your hand to create 10 sets of shields or cards.

How lớn play block with terms you should know

The rules that need lớn be followed in the blocking method
If you want to register lớn play & quickly conquer this new card game, players need to follow the following rules & regulations.

The rules of playing cards and taking cards
The rules for making cards và taking cards in playing cards trực tuyến will be as follows:

Prioritize blocking: lưu ý that you must give priority to cards played by other people, but when combined with your own, they will form a shield.
Unblocking: Do not split the 2 cards creating a barrier into trash. Once you have split the 2 cards creating a barrier into trash, there will be no chance lớn create a barrier again.
Eat selectively: bởi not eat hard crabs when you already have one in your hand.
Fighting: If you have eaten a crab, you cannot separate it and play it in your hand. If you separate it and play it, you will not be able lớn eat it again.
It is forbidden lớn take cards and wait: if there is only 1 trash card left in your hand, you cannot take cards, you can only block.

The rules of playing cards và taking cards

Buzzing in blocking play
In each game there will be the following types of Buzzing:

Buzzing: the previous game was Buzzing, this game continues lớn Buzz.
Buzz: draw up the Buzz card.
Thien U: the first player has trăng tròn cards in his hand to form shields and cards.
Shrimp: in the card ù there are cards Chi, eight books, nine thousand.
White hand: has 6 shields và is waiting for một more card to Buzz.
White hand ù Chi: White hand ù Chi card.


Buzzing in blocking play

The gameplay is detailed and super simple
A block game is actually not as difficult lớn play as you think. Just follow the following details and you will definitely be confident enough to enter a real card game.

When the game begins, the dealer will deal each player 19 cards. The remaining cards are the blind cards và will be placed in the middle of the table.
Each player draws a card lớn choose who will play first. Whoever holds the big card will play first, the next turn will go clockwise.
When deciding to take a card from a player lớn block or scratch, you must show your card.
Players have the right lớn draw cards from the pile if they bởi not want to eat cards played by others.
To Buzz, you must hit tất cả the trash cards in your hand. When 19 cards in your hand combine with một card drawn from the venom to form a shield or card, then Buzz. The game will end as soon as there is a Buzz player at the table.
Although the gameplay is quite difficult và new, it is very attractive. Hopefully the above information will help you feel more confident when participating in card games. Come to bookmaker 91club immediately if you need further instructions or want to comfortably experience this card game.


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